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PW-70a*vs. M1-ATX

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  • PW-70a*vs. M1-ATX

    noobee here!

    I can't figure out what's a better bang for the buck a M1-ATX PS or the ITPS + PW-70a Combo? which one would give me the most power? or are they not even in the same category?

    I'm going to start buying parts next week.

    What I have in mind:

    60GB 3.5" HDD
    USB DVD drive
    2 256 MB Ram Sticks
    And about 4 USB peripherals

    I will be using the computer mainly for tuning. (e-mange, and wideband datalogging) Also mp3 playing and GPS.

    Thanks! can't wait to start this project

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    I had the ITPS + PW70a on my previous set-up.....

    sold it

    am going to be running the M1 on this current set-up
    the m1 is more customizable, which is always worth a little extra in my book....

    just my $.02 worth!

    EDIT: how are you using 2 sticks of memory on the MII10000?
    Jan Bennett
    FS: VW MKIV Bezel for 8" Lilliput - 95% Finished

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      oh ok thanks for the input... ooops n/m i guess 1 stick..