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  • Wire in the Opus

    I was gonna wire in my opus to my puter tomorrow, but I had a couple questions.

    When connecting the opus, do you connect the negative directly to th negative terminal on the battery, or can you just connect it to a ground part on the chassis.

    Also when connecting the ACC part, can you just splice the ACC wire that is running to your headunit and connect both the HU and the opus to that, or do I have to run a whole new wire somewhere/somehow?

    What is the recommended gauge, I hear that it should be a minimum of 8 gauge, is there like a industry standard safe default gauge?

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    Use any ground part on the chassis; make sure to scrape off the paint good.

    For the ACC line, just splice into the one running to the radio.

    8gauge is good. Go to the following link for copper wire data. There are a bunch of charts, some that tell current vs. wire gauge and length.
    The best chart for what you need is towards the bottom under the heading "Car audio cable recommendations".

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      ty much for the info