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  • plug you car in!?!

    is it possible to power all the car's electronics with an ac house plug?
    for instance, when your camping and there are 110v ac plugs for RVs, could you plug into them and have it project power into your vehicle like an alternator. this would be handy for head unit, windows, etc.
    or... if there is no way to power the car with the power, can you make a carputer that runs on the cars dc when mobil, then the houses power when camping? i would like to avoid using an inverter, but i know that may not be possible to get the desired output. thanks for any replys!

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    Well my CarPc uses a Morex 80w PSU and it uses a standard plug so i can put an AC adapter into it.

    But you then need to power the screen so that could be a problem.
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      To run off of 120 A/C you could wire a battery charger to the Battery to plug in.


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        ooooo i like that idea.
        simple really is always better


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          My car is in the garage right now plugged into the wall