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Wiring Opus to ignition and interior light

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  • Wiring Opus to ignition and interior light


    I currently have my car pc installed in my ford focus and my opus wired to the ignition and all is running fine

    I am thinking about wiring it to the interior light as well so that when I press the remotes unlock button it starts the computer
    The light turns off if I lock the car and will turn off when i start the car, lock the car or will eventually turn off if I do nothing

    The only problem I can think of is when I start the car the ignition i currently have the opus connected to will power the light
    how do i stop the power going up to the light ?

    as anybody else done this and had any other problems ?



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    good idea about the lights though - nicer than hacking into your cental locking.


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      Originally posted by Scouse Monkey
      Or even better, use a relay powered by the light that switches on a 12V supply to the IGN line on the Opus.


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        Does the opus look for a constant 12+ to keep the computer turned on?

        If it does you can use one of the locking relays, forget what they're called...
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          I think you mean a latching relay. - You dont need one of those becasue the opus has a built in delay which will give you a few minutes to get in your car and turn the ign on. Best keep it simple.

          I believe the Opus needs a constant 12V in on the ign input line and when this is broken it waits for a predetermined time before telling your PC to shutdown (to allow you to pop into the shops etc) before commencing the shutdown/hibernation.


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            Thanks for the quick answers

            Yeah i think it does
            when i turn the ignition off the pc does to after 20 seconds

            when i turn the engine off the intirior light comes on again i dont know if that changes anything

            Thought the light would be handy
            can keep the computer running if i need to remove the keys from the ignition but want to keep the computer on for a change (e.g filling up)
            and the pc should be on already by the time i get in the car


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              yeah you can just turn your light on if you want to use the PC - now that is a stealth auxilliary on/off switch (except for the light being on of course).

              I ahd a quick look at the opus solutions website and it states you can set the delay for your PC for up to an hour. i would probbly have a delay set fr about 10 miutes if you can so stopping at the petrol station does nto caus your car to shut off.

              The light coming on when you turn you engine off is no big worry, nor the light coming on when you get out as it will just reset the timer in the Opus. I would set your time off to greater than 20 seconds though as you could easily take 20 seconds to gather stuff together etc and then if you take longer it will turn off and then turn back onwhen you get out and the light come on again.


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                Yeah I reckon I could do with setting it to about 2 minute
                (Bugger got to take it out from under the seat again)

                Its basically the idea of starting the PC before I even get in the car i like and seemed an easy way of doing it

                Need to have a look at diodes and relays tomorrow then in the CPC catalogue


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                  The diode is a simple way to do it but to be honest i would be tempted to isolate the opus from the light circuit using the relay. Dunno why but it seems safer.


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                    I am planning on having my screen fold out when i unlock the doors and go back in when i lock them (unless the ign is on). Was gonna use switches controlled byt he door locks but this may be simpler and i may also do this to boot my pc up. :cheers:


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                      this is a great idea. I'll have to do this when it comes time for the actual install
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