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Lilliput power supply problem

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  • Lilliput power supply problem

    Hi All,

    I have been putting together a car pc but have run into a small problem.
    Basically I have my laptop all setup with GPS etc and have just bought a 8" lilliput touch screen.

    The problem is that I bought it 2nd hand and the car lighter adapter for the touch screen seems to be damaged. Why do I thinks its damaged well, I plugged it in and it started smoking so I'm guessing if it wasn't damaged before it is now.

    So now I need to basically find some sort of replacement for it, does anyone know what the touchscreens power requirements are? Or even better know where I can get a replacement from.


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    use a 12v stabilised power supply for testing, or a 7812 regulator ic


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      Cheers Harrie,

      Do you reckon something like this will do the trick
      (the 2 at the bottom of the screen)



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        800mA. That may be just enough. Check your 8" and make sure it doesn't use more than 800mA/.8A or 9.5W.
        Rick S.

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          Thanx everyone,

          I ended up ringing the UK suppliers of lilliput who said they can supply me with a power adapter for £7. Which is not so bad.

          So have placed my order and hope to be using my screen soon and this time I hope I don't blow up the adapter.



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            Oh Kiddha Davinder! Tenu Xenarc lena chaeda si - Liliput ne tutjana jaldi!

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            Status: Finalising component procurement