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All-In-One COTS Solution: AC/DC, Battery, etc.

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  • All-In-One COTS Solution: AC/DC, Battery, etc.

    COTS = Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS Solution)

    I just got this mobile power unit with the following features:

    -High current EHP battery provides 1,110 Amps peak power, 425 Amps starting power.
    -400 watt continuous power inverter allows for safe use of 110V electronic devices including laptop computers, etc.
    -12V DC power socket (cigarette lighter).
    -Solid-state, integrated charger allows for re-charging of the internal battery from 110V power source. The charger automatically stops charging when the battery has acquired a full charge and keeps your battery with a 1 MA float maintenance charge.
    -Sealed, maintenance-free heavy duty battery is safe to use, transport and store.
    -Starts cars (jumper cables).
    -45" Heavy-duty, 4 gauge industrial grade welding cables carry more amperage for maximum starting power.
    -Digital battery gauge for quick assessment of battery state of charge (0-100%).
    -Integrated light for roadside repairs or emergency situations.
    -Lighted LED display is easy to read.
    -260psi programmable air compressor and air inlet adaptors.
    -Digital gauge displays actual air pressure in psi .
    -Case with non-skid rubber feet provides durability and convenient transport.

    This all-in-one box has all the pieces to provide ac/dc power to a carputer. I plan to modify this unit to be integrated into my car's DC power system. This unit currently provides AC charging via an AC cable. This will be handy when the engine is off.

    The following pics show the different features and interfaces.
    More to come...
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    I have a unit similar to this, although no inverter. I don't use it in the car as the instructions say that recharging it repeatedly from DC will wear the battery in the unit out.
    Originally posted by ghettocruzer
    I was gung ho on building a PC [until] just recently. However, between my new phone having internet and GPS and all...and this kit...Im starting to have trouble justfiying it haha.
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      No Issues

      Well, I reviewed the manual and no issues with charging the battery. Heck, I was thinking of using the jumpstart plug (port) to hardwire the DC battery into my car battery. Thus, combined DC supply. (Fused of course!) My car battery is in the trunk, so it would be easy. (BMW Z4 Roadster, the biggest problem is placing the LCD panel.)
      This power unit has switches to everything including the inverter, so I can run some remote switches to the console.


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        New Pictures: Internal Wiring

        Refer to the following pics for the internal wiring of this unit.
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          Battery Configuration?

          The unit is self powered off a sealed battery. I could remove the internal battery and/or wire directly to my car battery.
          I was thinking of using the internal battery as a tank circuit to resolve any cranking power issues.

          Any thoughts would be appreciated...