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Acc Line from Steering Column?

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  • Acc Line from Steering Column?

    Ok, I just spent 2 hours running 2 cables. One from the battery (+12v) and the Acc line. The biggest issue was figuring out how to get it through the firewall and then navigate it around to my center console. Man these new vehicles keep getting tighter and tighter. Anyways, I found an Acc line (a line that is off my default and only comes on when in the ACC/Start position), so will that work ok for the Acc line for the Opus? I am assuming the Acc line needs to be 12V, but not totally sure, just double-checking.


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    ya ACC is just a "switched" 12 volts. meaning when the key is in the ACC position, there is 12v going through it, and when the key is OFF, there's no current , (thus, "switched".)

    You can get a switched line by tapping a fuse that current runs through when the key is in the ACC Position, or you can use the one on a head unit. Wires running through the firewall (to your battery) would be unswitched 12v.
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      yes, acc is a 12v line that is live only when the key is turned forward. You could've used the acc line in the headunit's wiring harness...


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        Yea, but my headunit is burried behind a bunch of crap. So I will just use the Acc line from the steering column.

        THanks all