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Resume from standby problem

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  • Resume from standby problem

    So here's a weird one..


    Epia MII120000
    512 megs of ram
    slimline slot loading dvd drive
    western digital 60 gig scorpio drive
    Audigy 2 nx running off of 5v rail
    XM Direct with optical out running off of 5v rail (i think, or whatever rail it runs off of)
    Rikaline 6010 gps
    7" xenarc ts running off of 12v rail

    Opus 90w power supply in the case

    I'm running windows xp sp2, frodo, destinator.

    Sometimes when i resume from standby the computer powers up, all components power up, but i just get a blinking cursor.. No actual resumption.

    Rebooting corrects the problem.

    Its' more reproducible the longer the machine stays in standby mode.. (i think)

    Leaving it overnight and it happens almost 100%..

    Any ideas? I'm wondering if a reformat/reinstall would help..

    Also I'm considering trying hibernation, but I've almost solved the standby issues, so taking on hibernate issues isn't real high on my list.. heh

    Am i maxing the power supply? Maybe clobbering the 5v rail with the audigy?

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    Okay so more info/questions..

    I just ran the power simulator at epia center..
    It doesn't have the MII120000, but it has the 10000, so i used that.

    It looks like i might be clobbering the hell out of my 5v rail.

    4 usb devices + slimline dvd + 2.5" laptop drive pulls around 20w and 4.9a

    Plus I'm powering the audigy from that rail.. I think that's easily another 2-3A and an unknown wattage..

    Is this too much for an opus 90? Can an opus 150 run this?