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  • Shutdown Problem

    This is the deal. I am running a 250watt Dc-Dc psu, generic, not an opus. The problems started when the shutdown controller was mounted on a bracket on the side of the psu, and the way everything was installed, it was hanging upside down. After I upgraded to the new PSU and miniITX motherboard, the mosfet on the shutdown controller i purchased from here (ITPS) got so hot it melted the solder from the mosfet's ground, and it hung just enough to fail startup proceedures. I resoldered it, even though the pcd had been burnt a bit, and turned it right-side-up, it worked for a day max then just quit working alltogether.

    After this, I eliminated the ITPS from the power loop and ran power directly into the psu from the battery. This also worked for a while, using my previous manual overide switch as the new power on switch, but after trying to add my cd-rw drive in the front, and failing, that method has failed as well.

    The computer will turn on and off fine, however when the computer turns off, the powersupply will stay on, and the PS-ON continues to recieve +5v from the psu. This is very wierd, and I have never seen this happen before. After I realized what was happening, I clipped the PS-ON signal, and I now control when it gets 5v from the same switch in the front of the vehicle, however I do not like this solution, as it is a 2 step process, I must first give the PSU power, then go around in the trunk and short the motherboard on signal to get the computer to boot up.

    Has anyone else had this problem before? In a nutshell, the computer will turn off, but not the PSU, I tried a reg. 120v power supply and it does the same. The motherboard is brand new and nothing its shorted on the board that meets the eye. Could it be in BIOS? Thanks.


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    If you decide you want a new shutdown that won't melt, the uSDC20D will be perfect for your application..

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      Per ATX standard, the PC will be on but the PSU is still in Standby mode and so the mobo. The only sure way that the PSU is 100% off is cut off power to the PSU.
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