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Heat dissipation inside dash or other enclosed spaces?

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  • Heat dissipation inside dash or other enclosed spaces?

    Looking for people who have experience in doing this to give me some helpful tips.

    The regulator circuit I'm building will need to dissipate about 25W (~2.5V drop by 10A). I want to place it inside the center console or inside my dash out of the way. Is that feasible given there will be little spare space if I do so. Will 25W be able to dissipate safely? Will it require a fan?

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    Yes it needs to be cooled ! I have a palomino 2000+ in my dash installed with a 20 gb western digital and after 30 minutes the temp without cooler is 40 in the case and the cpu 58 . And outside it was around 0 so what would that be in summer times . I cooled now and it gets better...
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