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So Many Power Problems. Help!

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  • So Many Power Problems. Help!

    i have so many problems with my carpc right now and it's causing too much of a headache.

    first, i used a 400w inverter (800 peak)...

    1. psu generates a buzzing sound when it's turned on, and generates a sort of intermittent buzzing sound when turned off

    2. after 2 days, lilliput 7" starts to fluctuate. and then, i get the white screen of death. can't press any buttons on the lilliput. like it hung up or something.

    switched to a 600w inverter (1200 peak)..

    same problems. nothing better happened...

    my lilliput is a 7" touchscreen and it's connected directly to the acc wire.
    the inverter has been checked by hooking up directly to the battery, cig lighter and acc wire. nothing helped.

    my psu is 200w shuttle psu. would it help if i grounded it? how do you go about that anyway? right now the screen doesn't display anything anymore, except for a few fluctuations during bootup, and then there's nothing. lilliput hangs up, can't press anything, doesn't respond. the no vga input screen doesn't show. it's like it's just a black screen of death.

    help. please.

    oh and please don't try to suggest just getting a dc-dc inverter, it's not available where i'm located (philippines), but maybe i can try making my own forward inverter (did a search, i don't know if the parts are available here)...

    Brushed Metal for Centrafuse 1.4
    Brushed Aluminum for Centrafuse 1.4

    xenarc 700ts | via epia-m10k | audigy2 nx | holux gm-210 | usb wifi | 40gb 2.5" | slot-load dvd-cdrw | morex 3688 | opus 150w | centrafuse, iguidance

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    Seems like first you gotta figure out the screen thing, when you say you plugged it directly to the accessory line, did you chop of the cig lighter plug and
    still used the "egg" or did you just bypass the "egg"?

    As far as grounding goes, I cannot help here. do a serach, I kinda of know but I do not want to fry your stuff.

    Radio shack sells a "ground loop isolator" for the audio ports to eliminate the buzz. Try this after properly grounding, if that fails.
    Iwill ZPCgx 2.4ghz cel, 256mb pc2700, external combo drive, 80gb 2.5 laptop drive, xp pro, usb gps, 7 in Lilliput TS , carnetix CNX1900. All mounted ghetto- still experimenting and tweaking.