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which inverter type is best

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  • which inverter type is best

    Howdy all I have been around for a long time just doing research, I am currently installing a carpc, I am up to the stage of powering the system. I am just running a micro ATX mainboard with a 300 watt PSU. My question is which inverter is best to use:
    a modified sine wave,
    a pure sine wave,
    or a Electrically Isolated Inverter modified sine wave inverter.

    Thank you guys

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    Most of use use the plain modified sine wave inverter. The best would be the pure sine wave, but it isn't really necessary and costs quite a bit more.

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      please forgive my ignorance but what is the difference between the "Electrically Isolated Inverter modified sine wave inverter" and just a "modified sine wave inverter". thank you


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        it has a few extra measures to protect your equipment is all. It keeps the circuitry locked out, so that it cannot loop-back on itself when a component inside the inverter fails. If one end is drawing too much current (say the 120/240v end, the 12v input end wont overload itself, and will shut the unit down). Some real nasty cheap inverters will attempt to run in an "over-current" situation, and will burn themselves out, then you normally get 12-14.4v DC straight into your 120/240v AC system, NOT GOOD.

        an isolated unit is protected against these things, it has nothing too do with the form of sine wave the inverter produces (modified or pure). In some countries, only isolated inverters are too be sold, other countries dont care so much...
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          Thank you for the info. it was a great help.