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  • serious error

    Hello...I have an ITPS w/ PW-70a with my M10000 mobo. Everytime I reboot, I receive a message (from windows I believe) telling me that my computer has recovered from a serious error, and gives an error log. I believe it has something to do with the way the computer is powering down, although I'm not sure. So I disabled the pop up error messages in XP (but will still receive 'critical error' messages), and I'm still getting the same message. I have also set my pc in XP to hibernate mode. This too did not help. Can somone please help me before I corrupt my HD. Thank you in advance!
    Via epia M10000
    12.1" VGA touchscreen
    XP Pro
    OPus 150W
    120 GIG Maxtor
    512 DDR
    Geforce 5500 Videocard
    Audigy NX USB sound card
    Wireless Keyboard & mouse
    Panasonic slim line -slot load
    w/ usb adapter

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    Well, me thinks that ITPS is CRAP !!! I dont even want to get into the hassle that little guy put me through.

    It sounds like its not really shutting your PC down and cutting the power before you have a chance. So either it's not wired correctly to your MOBO, your BIOS is not configured correctly with the ACPI commands OR the ITPS is just not working like it's advertised.

    I'm waiting for my carnetix 1260 to arrive (hopefully today) and I'm praying this will solve my power issues once and forall !!!
    Progress [I will seriously never be done!]
    Via EPIA MII
    512MB RAM
    OEM GPS (embedded)
    nLite WinXP pro on
    1GB Extreme III CF card
    Carnetix 1260 startup/ DC-DC regulator
    Software: Still, re-Writing my existing front end in .Net


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      Are you using XP embedded? If not you could read up on how to use the windows util chkdsk.
      306 CarPC
      • Fibreglassed lcd installed into dash
      • Griffin PowerMate
      • epia 800 512mb sdram
      • MediaEngine
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