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Audigy 2 NX power up?

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  • Audigy 2 NX power up?

    I searched a lot but I can't find any working schematic for power up Audigy 2 NX from car batery. Cany anybody help me?

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    Hmm, best way is to power it from the pc's psu with 5v. I use my opus for that.

    I did use a 7805 power regulator to power it in the past, and that did seem to work, but the heatsink I used got VERY hot. The NX can pull 1.25A, as per the original supply, while a 7805 can only deliver about 1A with heatsink...

    Well, you need 5v @ 1.25A, so you should be able to find some schematics here on the forum...
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      Yeah, but I have M1-ATX ehich is only 90W. So I would appreciate at least for a tip what to search.


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        I power my Audigy NX with the M1-ATX. The 5V rail on the M1-ATX has the same power rating as the Opus 150W so comparisons of the two (for this purpose) are valid.
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