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240V Transformer to 12V DC Help :(

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  • 240V Transformer to 12V DC Help :(

    Hi guys, well my car pc seems to be running ok, but i have a new problem, my beutiful BMW silver and carbon fibre case has been made into a sealed unit by myself.

    I want to be able to run it in the house in order to try out new software etc etc.

    So here is the question, can i buy a cheap transformer that will take 240AC and convert it to 12 or 13-14V DC so that i can power it in the house without taking the case and breaking it into pieces?

    The reason i say 13-14 volts is becasue i have a ITPS and PW-70? Also what sort of current will i need i estimated about 5-8amps? Anyone else got any better ideas?

    I though of plugging it into a battery charger?

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    there are invertes specifically designed for this which usually plug into the wall and output to a standard cig lighter plug. im not too sure of the usual wattage they are rated, but im guessing its pretty hefty being a house unit and all.
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      Get a laptop AC->DC power brick, that is what works best for me. I have an ITPS, PW80 (disabled regulation on ITPS) and a 19v/4.5 amp AC->DC converter designed for a Gateway device. Generally these can be obtained from same place DC->DC powersupply was bought. It is a little expensive, but the only way to go. I was unplugging DC->DC PS and using a regular powersupply, but taking apart my homemade case got really annoying really fast.


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        Mascot is a good quality brand of switching powersupplies.
        There's a wide range from 8 up tp 290w, but they don't come cheap,
        at least not over here... I think the 8921 (290W) is something like 240.

        It would be cheaper to buy a good quality ATX power supply, just make sure that it got enough juice on the 12v+ rail, then you can use that one.



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          30 bucks US from places like L-O-G-I-C__S-U-P-P-L-Y, has them for 22, so I guess around 45 bucks US. A pretty simple solution that isn't really all that expensive. I use my computer as a DVD player when I travel and am someplace I don't have a DVD player, or music, or a computer for that matter. I use it a lot out of the car.


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            Take a pick.

            Used to emulate a car battery voltage of 13.8V


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              Or just find an old AT powersupply and use its 12V (black and yellow)

              You can get them for a few $ or free, since no-one uses AT anymore
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