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anyone seen the usb cables that are double ended on one side?

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  • anyone seen the usb cables that are double ended on one side?

    someone suggested getting a usb cable ... on the end that plugs into your computer has 2 plugs, that way it draws current from 2 usb ports instead of 1 ...

    this is because i have a slim slot loader, and I have a USB adapter for it. the USB adapter came with a PS2 port adapter for situations where it didn't have enough power.

    I want to run as less wires as possible, and this would help me out greatly if I could find one!! thanks for any info!

    here's an example:

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    u mean like an A to A usb cable that has a double A end? and another A at the other end? making it a total of 3 A ends? i have one like that!
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      yup that's exactly what i'm talking about. is there any way I could buy this cable off of you by chance?? or know where I could find one, or where you got yours from? or know what it's called?

      lol thanks!


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        yea go to and do a search for usb cables, they are cheap and delivery is usually fast.

        check it out
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