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Opus trigger.

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  • Opus trigger.

    Is it ok to have the Opus 150w triggered from the head unit's amp trigger? Or should I trigger it from the ignition.

    Ta for your help.

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    As long as the amp trigger is sending a 12v signal its doing the same thing as the accessory power line

    Should be fine
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      I trigger my Opus 90 w/ that line, works like a charm.
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        try and triger it from the cars ignition.
        i was lazy when i did mine and went with the decks amp trigger..
        the deck usaly delays the amp for a second or 2 to prevent that anoying poping noise. and then the opus takes a few seconds to switch on aftr being triggerd..
        in other words witht he opus hooked to the amp out it can take about 5 secs to switch on and theres a fair chance of that pop..
        hooked up to the ACC and it will take less time to switch on and theres less chance of any pop
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          I've got it hooked up to the acc at the moment, but I don't want the pc to come on whenever I switch the car on. I want it to come on when I want it on... If that makes sense. I had a switch between the ignition and opus in my previous car but that was a bit lo-tec.


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            Another reason I use the headunit to signal power on, my car has a feature where the stereo stays on after you shut the car off until you a: open the door or b: 5 minutes pass, then it shuts off. It's a great feature for listening to the end of a song or radio segment without running the motor. By tying this to the HU, the computer stays on by the same rules.
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              my car does that too, i can shut it off completely but if i dont pull the key out from the ignition the radio stays on.