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uSDC20D Low Temperature Setting

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  • uSDC20D Low Temperature Setting

    Hi all,

    Many people are asking about the low temperature cutout. Right now the unit is set to cut out if the computer is below 0 degrees C (32 F) Many people have expressed that they think this is too high of a temperature.

    The reason it was set to this level was because most computer motherboards are rated from 0-50 degrees C.

    Because enough people have requested that it not cut out this warm, what would people rather the low temperature setting be set to?

    Keep in mind there is actually a 3 degree window if it gets tripped.

    Do you think -10C to 50C would be a better setting for everyone? Keep in mind, if it gets too cold, the Hardrives could scratch the platters or the bearings could wear out.

    If you want your uSDC re-programmed to a different temperature range, feel free to PM me. You can send it back to me in a padded envolope and I'll re-program it for you.

    MPEGBOX - Plexiglass Computer