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Opus 90w ( u frame ) problem

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  • Opus 90w ( u frame ) problem

    Does anyone with an OPUS 90w ( in u frame ) have any ideas ....

    This has been running fine for about 1-2 months in the car. At the weekend I started the car and the PC ( EPiA MII 12000 ) booted into windows and all seemed fine.

    I put in a CD and then the machine died ( no power ). On checking the wiring the 10A fuse in-line ( not the one on the opus ) had blown.

    I replaced the fuse and checked the wiring, all seemed fine 12+ve at the power connector..

    when I plug in the power to the OPUS the green light flashes ( as normal ) all working well. As soon as I turn the ignition the green light stops flashing and remains OFF. If I then remove the Key from the ignition the green light remains OFF.

    If I remove the 12+ve for a couple of minutes the re-plug then the green light will start to flash again until the ignition is switched on again.

    The PC remains OFF at all times. I have stripped the box down and powered the motherboard from another power supply and the PC boots normally. It would seem that the problem is with the OPUS.

    Has anyone seen this problem before?

    or am I missing something simple???

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    Has the fuse been ok since?
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      check the fuse again. There may be too much power pushing through the wire. I had this problem when I accidentally (read stupidly) wired a ground to an ignition positive. Thank goodness the fuse kept blowing.
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