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where theres smoke theres fire! - help!

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  • where theres smoke theres fire! - help!

    First time carputer install - got the pc part working fine - upon trying the DC-DC hardwire install I fried some of the wiring in my truck.... I was attempting an Audioforge install - something went very wrong. I have a VIA V series (older board) and the PW70A product from Audioforge. I tested 12V fine from the connector after it was wired into the truck, but when i plugged it into the ITPS / PW70A / and PC - zzzzzzzzzz and smoke!

    At this point i am a little timid on the install - anyone have any advice? Preffered would be a proffessional install in SoCal, or even just a rig that would be super simple to connect...

    Thanks in advance if anyone can help...