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power for notebook and screen

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  • power for notebook and screen

    Hi ive been looking around for a while and i almost know what i'm going to buy ive only got 1 question left...
    the idea was to buy a notebook power adapter to plug it into the sigarette lighter
    now the problem is i can't put the notebook next to me on the passanger seat so i want to buy a tft touchscreen but this should also be connected to the sigarette lighter....
    i would realy appreciate if you would help me out here

    greetings, Joeri

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    There are a couple of splitters for the cig outlet out there, but it depends on your car, so that you don't pull out too much from the cig. You could feed the screen straight from the car's power along with a power regulator for safety. But again, it depends on your screen.
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      well I it might work with a splitter if I find one because my notebook doesnt drain a lot of power(its a centrino)
      and if the screen of the notebook is off it will be even less

      and thanks for the reply!

      greetings Joeri