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starting carpc project over, have to use diff. mobo. school me on powersupplies!

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  • starting carpc project over, have to use diff. mobo. school me on powersupplies!

    ORIGINALLY, I was using a laptop motherboard, which had the AC/DC powerbrick, which I was going to run off of an inverter.

    That project has been scrapped. I am NOW using an ATX MSI 645 Ultra motherboard, p4 2.0ghz, 2x256 ram, radeon 9200 128mb, and various USB devices.

    I've been reading around and found these on :
    PW200 V
    PW200 M

    These are both 12v DC-DC Powersupplies (which would take the inverter out)
    I know they are designed specifically for ITX mobos. Will they work with normal ATX mobos? Will I need more to go with this? shutdown controller? ITPS? etc?

    If i'm totally going in the wrong direction please educate me. DC-DC looks like the best solution, and I can't grasp what else I would need.

    Thanks for the suggestions and knowledge !

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    Get the M1-ATX, Carnetix or Opus as they will have shutdown controls built in. Definitely the way to go in my opinion!

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      this one looks very intriguing. Do you know if I can connect external devices to it (such as powering a 5" LCD via 12v) ?

      also this is only 90watts, is that enough?

      HOLY CRAP, opus is $200 LOL


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        Originally posted by mattress
        this one looks very intriguing. Do you know if I can connect external devices to it (such as powering a 5" LCD via 12v) ?

        also this is only 90watts, is that enough?

        HOLY CRAP, opus is $200 LOL
        If you do a little calculation on power consumption for each components you are going to use and compare to the output capability of the PSU, now you know if it is enought or not.

        Now, If you are using standard desktop HD and DVD ROM, this 90W will NOT cut it. So leave alone the LCD.
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          There are a couple of problems with the PW200V and PW200M.
          Number 1 is that they do not regulate the 12V rail. That is to say that the voltage for the 12V lines of your power supply are coming directly from your car battery. This means that your voltage will fluctuate anywhere from 8V during engine cranks, to 14.5V while driving around. ATX motherboards are designed to use around 11.75 minimum to 12.25 maximum volts. You will damage your motherboard, and most likely hard drive and any other voltage sensitive parts.
          Number 2 is that the 3.3V and 5V lines only provide about 5amps each. That means that those two voltages may not have enough "juice" too keep your new computer happy and running properly. Sure 5amps is great for mini-itx computers, but you are using a desktop ATX computer not designed for power restriced environments.
          What you want is a power supply that can provide lots of "juice" on the 12V, 5V, and 3.3V lines and not be affected by your car battery going from 8V to 14.5V. Such power supplies do exist. Basically they step up the voltage coming in to a higher voltage, and then use that higher voltage to power the problematic 12V line.
          My suggestion for what you want to do is go with the Opus 150W. It is expensive, but it will be the only DC-DC power supply that can safely handle what you want to put together.
          You may consider the M1-atx, its 3.3V and 5V lines can provide 10amps each, plenty of "juice". The problem is the 12V line. It will stay at 12V all the time just like the Opus, but can only provide around 2amps. I highly doubt that 2amps will be enough to power a desktop ATX computer. On top of that, any other LCDs and cool gadgets that you hook up to your power supply will most likely want thier own "juice" from the 12V line leaving even less for your computer.
          If you don't want the expense of the Opus, use an inverter setup.

          good luck.


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            I bought the m1-atx (about $80.00) and I must say it is well worth the price. I have tried a lot of different PSUs (pw200m and 70 watt snap on version) and shutdown controllers (DSSC, Maestros, Keyfrez and others) and nothing worked as well as the m1-atx. Of course the opus should work fine for you but if you want to spend the extra $80 for the name your are just being foolish. For the 150watt opus, this is probably over kill anyway. Most carputer systems will not require this much power when properly installed. I have about 5 usb devices 2 hard drives and an extra fan on my system with the epia 1000m and 80watts is more than enough to handle this. Connect what ever you can to an accessorie power line from the car (like an XM reciever, fm transmitter, 12v fans, what ever your using that does not require well regulated voltage, or isnt "mission critical") to avoid sucking to much power. Sucking to much power will definitely cause performance issues.
            Hook your screen to the accessory power on your car, no reason to hook it to you PSU. Most screens designed for in your car will work great when hooked to your car's power. Mine does. (dynamix 7" TS)
            ANyway, I hope this helps and provides some decent information.
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              thanks for all the info. this is a good start for me... now I just can't decide between the m1-atx or the OPUS 150.. I personally think the m1-atx may not be enough power for me ... using a full size atx board, a radeon 9200, p4 2.0, 2x256 ram, etc...

              I'll try out the power calculators and see what comes up.

              thanks for the schooling lesson guys