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Problem with Monster Inverter.

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  • Problem with Monster Inverter.

    Well I just installed my system over the weekend, came out real nice. Will be posting pics on the show off your car forum. Here is my dilema, I read that Inverters create noise, well I bought a Monster Inverter (Monster Cable company). Well with out even having the Truck started I get noise from all speakers. I was able to get rid of noise by using an extension cord )for testing purposes only). So the noise is definately coming from the inverter.
    Now my power cables are ran left side of the truck, my cpeaker wires are run up the middle/passenger side of transmission. Now the RCA cables are on right side. I went with High end wire/ and also RCA cables. I have 2 Ground points, one for Amplifier, the other for inverter. I did try taking the amp, and inverter straight to the ground that Dodge used on the Ram. That did not help any. The only thing I can think of is a Ground loop isolator, until Cartenix release the new power controller that will alow me to power my 19v P4 2.8 GHZ system.
    So if anyone has any ideas, or which ground loop isolator to purchase or a different inverter, please let me know.


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    This question has been asked and answered.


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      That was not the answer to the problem. From doing some more research looks like I need a noise supressor for the Inverter. I will be trying one of these to see if it takes care of the problem, however tho I will try grouning the inverters casing to the other ground on the vehicle.

      What have others done that have inverters?


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        Hi pirate_king00.

        Yes the answer to your problem is grounding your case.

        Good luck.


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          Problem solved. Grounding the case worked. No noise what so ever. Now here is the question, how come the manufacturers of the inverters dont just alreadi have the case grounded to the ground input? Seems like a simple solution. Oh well. I am a happy camper now. My 2400. investment has paid off.