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    I want to run a desktop processor, basically an athlon xp 2800 and I was hoping to have a sata drive, but I am really new with the carpc stuff, and I was hoping someone could help me out. Is this possible? What needs to be done? I don't care what size motherboard, as I am not concerned with space, but can someone please help? What would I use to power this stuff?

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    have you yet? or looked around the forums?
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      I would but I don't know what to search for? I did a look around on the power supplies but nothing specific.


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        Hi natebest2000.

        Since you need lots of power and saying that space is not of a concern, I would recommend you use a dc to ac power inverter. You can find them for a good price at walmart. Get the highest rated watts inverter that you can afford. Then hook up your computer in your vehicle just like you would on your desktop.

        Be warned though, high power computers in a car don't get along well without a powerful car battery and most likely an upgraded car alternator.
        Also, you may consider buying a control unit to turn on and off your inverter at the proper times.

        Hope that helped.

        Good luck.


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          Thank you very much that does help, but I guess it would probably be best to just go ahead and build a smaller system. Thank you for your help.


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            If you do want a powerful system, you can use an inverter and SDC and have all the features of the Opus. Take a look at our power controllers.

            The thing about a battery is if you want to run the PC with the car off, you need a big battery to run it for any length of time. Otherwise, you should get along fine with the stock battery.

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