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  • M1-ATX housing

    I've tried reading all I can find on the M1-ATX power supply and it seems to be the best way to power a carpc. I know that it can be directly plugged into the motherboard and can be incorporated into a mini-itx case; however, I'm planning on using a nano-itx case (Travla C156 - dimensions are 7 x 7 x 2.6). Does anyone know if the M1-ATX will fit inside this case? Or is there a way to hook up the M1-ATX externally (i.e. does it come with or can I put it inside some kind of housing and hook it up to the motherboard like a normal power supply)?

    Thanks for any help you can offer!


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    The M1-ATX cannot directly plug into the motherboard ATX connector like some other DC PSUs. It comes with a standard (albeit shorter) ATX cable. It may be able to be shoe-horned into that case with the mobo, but I'm not sure how much room it has in there.

    It can be put outside of the case, in any enclosure you would like. Haven't seen any made specifically for it though.
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      That case will probably have a power supply in it when you buy it right? Maybe you can just use what is in there somehow. Is that a slim cd drive on top or what? I wish they had pictures of the inside of the case since that would be easier to tell what is going on with. Nevertheless it looks nice and would fit ina 2din opening.

      It would be nicer if it was only 2" tall though then you could use a in dash LCD and carputer in a 2din openning.
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