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Power inverter and secobd battery

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  • Power inverter and secobd battery

    HI all

    I have just brought a yellow top battery and power inverter that i will be installing into the car soon.

    I thought i would leave the pc on all the time so it would completly drain the yellow top battery. If i do this will the car be able to fully charge the battery back up or will it just charge it about half way all the time?? I drive for about an hour and a half a day.

    The reason for leaving the pc on is so i can sync my home pc and the pc in the car or do you think it be a better idea to turn the pc off.. I have thought about putting a remote switch in so i can kill the power to the inverter so once i have finihsed syncing the pc i can then turn the pc off in the car.

    I have got this alarm kit installed it was to AUX outputs that give a 1 second pulse, i could hook up a laching relay or something in the power line between the battery and inverter.

    Hope some of this makes sence



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    Kevin, you could use our CarPC EZ or Pro Power Controller to control the PC, using the Remain-On option, allowing the PC to remain on for as long as you need. You can also make sure it turns off before the battery is discharged to a level it is damaged, or before it is completly dead, or still partially charged, or somewhere in-between, by using the adjustable shutdown voltages.

    Driving for that long, the battery should charge back up fully, especially if you use our SDC to turn off the PC before the battery is completly discharged.

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