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Powering a Mac Mini Carputer

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  • Powering a Mac Mini Carputer

    I recently bought a mac mini and plan to use it as a mobile computer as well as carputer. My biggest concern is over powering it. Many posts have suggested that a standard dc-ac inverter will not suffice. Am I mistaken in inferring that this is only because of wake issues? (I.E. getting the mac to come on with ignition?)
    If this is the case, I'm fine because I can wait until AFTER I start the car to turn on the inverter and then the mac mini. Or is the issue with the ebb of power that can occur posing problems for stable performance? I cant see this being the case, as the mini consumes so little power...
    any input is appreciated
    Carputer status: [-*---------]
    Im thinking laptop...

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    From what I understand a standard inverter will work fine. There are several other posts of people using them. Check out the MacCar threads

    However, next month we'll be introducing the P1900, a DC-DC retulator which is designed to power the Mac mini and includes a startup/shutdown controller, and a secondary power output for your screen.. You can read more about it and the cable splicing that will be required HERE and HERE.

    Good luck!