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Testing questions for new mobo

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  • Testing questions for new mobo

    I just got my new mobo in today (via epia m10000 and m1-atx power supply). My question is, can I use my desktop power supply (400 watts) so I can test the mobo inside without taking it to the car or will it damage the mobo in any way? Let me know, thanks

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    nope cant damage power supply, to turn on your 400 watt desktop PSU without it being hooked up to another mobo (just to power the other PSU) jump the green and black wires. Which black wire really doenst matter, i'm pretty sure they are all ground. But you need to keep the jump as long as you want your PSU on.
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      Well, What I am really asking is. Can I use my desktop power supply to power my via epia m10000, so I can test the motherboard inside the house instead of taking the motherboard and m1-atx to the car to test it. Or will it damage the motherboard, since it will be a 400 watt (plug in the wall) power supply.


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        as long as the desktop psu is an ATX psu.