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    Did a but, while power draw, startup time, etc, are constantly debated, I didn't see this exact topic posted.

    Because of this idea, I find it likely that I will need to have my computer always on, or at least, able to come out of hibernation upon cues like opening my door.

    Specifically, I'm worried about this because that idea I had hands my interior lighting controls to my carputer - and what good is that if it takes 20 seconds for my carputer to boot up in order to turn on the interior lights?

    The proposed solution I have is to have an itsy-bitsy OS installed on a read-only flash drive (as discussed in various forums), along with a slightly less-itsy writeable flash for data I don't want to lose, with a friggin' huge USB drive for all that crazy music and the like that, if I smash into a tree, it's basically OK if it dies.

    The idea is that if I have a flash based PC, it will draw next to no power when it is active - not hibernating or standby, but ON. And, also because I've got an offroad vehicle and durability is an issue. Seems to me it should be OK so long as it doesn't randomly ping drives ...

    Now, just in case, I'd probably get a second battery with an isolator but (this is where I get to the point) is it possible to have a carputer that, when it's not doing anything in particular, has so little power draw that it can be left on for a few months before the battery starts losing power?
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    the short answer is no, i mean anything is possible, but when you look at the low power boards like the epia they are going to drain you battery in a day or 2 even if left on standby. I think you are incorrectly informed if you think that its the hdd that uses all your power, take for example the ipod, a 40gb HDD that runs off a tiny battery (in comparison to a car battery). Its your motherboard that is going to consume most power.
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      Lo, and behold! - a brief answer. Ah, well. I imagine that low power draw is still a worthwhile goal (eases the goal of surviving engine crank) ...

      So, I suppose I'll have to figure out some sort of hard-wired way of turning on lights that bypasses the carputer...
      You are all guilty of feeding the drug habit I have: obsessing with my car. Damn you!!