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  • Inverter Questions?

    I have built my first car pc and have yet to actually put it in a car.

    I am starting on planning for version 2. Version two will be a full PC so I will have a larger power supply. Probably at leaset a 300 watt.

    My understanding is that there is no DC power supply for this so I will need an invertor. With and inverter how do I control start ups and shutdows of the pc? Does the inverter do that just like a DC power supply or is there another peace to the puzzle that I will need?

    It sounds crazy that I am thinking of version 2 before I have installed version 1, but I am thinking of putting it in my wifes car and building version 2 for my car.


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    I think...

    I think I may have figured it out. But could someone confirm?

    I have a Startup/Shutdown controller that I purchased with my pc in case I would need it. If I plug the inverter to this then I can automate when the invertor gets shut off.

    But what confuses me is that when the power is shut down to the inverter doesn't that just cut the power to the pc, thus causing a Hard Off situation? I don't know a lot about inverters so this may not be the case but I need to know.

    Could someone point me to a inverter that would work for what I want to do?


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      Catch me if I'm wrong here. If the board is inside your computer, the board should shutdown the computer when some conditions occurs. The power to the inverter will remain unless you've wired your inverter some where like the ignition switch--where the power cuts out as soon as you remove the key.

      I think this isolates one part of your question.


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        If you have a shutdown controller it will send a signal to your motherboard to shutdown the computer then will wait for the computer to shutdown prior to switching off your inverter. For many of the controllers you will need an inverter that has an on off switch on it as they just bridge that connection and the inverter thinks its switch is on. Then the inverter is plugged into a constant 12v power supply and switched on and off by the controller. Hope this helps.
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