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Can Shuttle SN41G2 be used without special Opus?

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  • Can Shuttle SN41G2 be used without special Opus?


    After alot of research I am thinking of changing my planned setup (AGAIN!) from a Micro ATX setup to a Shuttle SN41G2 V3.
    (Dual VGA, SATA, Firewire, SPDIF )

    I plan on using a Mobile Athlon - anyone know if the mutipliers/voltage can be adjusted in BIOS? Is the wire mod needed?

    I have already bought the Opus PSU but its not the special Opus you can buy for a Shuttle setup.

    Will it still work? Can it be adapted to fit into the Shuttle case?

    Lexputer Installed!

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    That "special opus" is only a bare opus bord mounted on some fancy plate to be bolted in the Shuttle.

    You "non-special" opus will work. To fix it, well, maybe someone here have that special mounting and could put a little schematic with the most important dimensions of the thing.
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      Thanks DeltaFX!

      I have emailed the place I bought it from and asked if I can swap it, hopefully its ok to do so.

      Anyone know about the wire mod and the shuttle?
      Lexputer Installed!


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        anees, did you get your shuttle/opus150 system up and running? did u have to do any mods to the mobo? thanks
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          I have the same system.
          I used Matero's MK4.5 making a bracket to hold the supply and the HD. You have to mod the boost voltage a bit, but the supply never broke 109 deg F this weekend.
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            i dont think shuttles have multiplier adjustment in the bios.