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Question On Opus 150Watt

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  • Question On Opus 150Watt

    I am ordering an Opus 150 watt power supply. So two questions...

    1. Does this have the ability to do a delay power on for my amps so I don't have the amp thump problem. I know the M1 power supply does.

    2. Will I also be able to power my Audigy 2nx and a four port usb hub from this power supply?

    I have read many posts on the opus, but frankly the wiring part is where I really lack. So I knid of need a step by step On how to do these first two steps, includind wire gauges to be used.

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    until you find a better answer

    my understanding is you will not be able to hook your amp up, how powerful is the amp?

    and yes u can hook up your usb hub since the opus has 5v connections. you will have to splice wires tho.

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