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Weird Inverter Issue

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  • Weird Inverter Issue


    I have had my computer setup in the car for about a week now, ive had a few issues with it though since it went in.

    I am using an inverter to power my setup, i have wired in a switch to the inverter so i have on/off control from the drivers seat.

    the inverter is hooked up directly to the battery.

    the carputer is hooked into my amp, and the remote on works fine etc.

    I can run the computer fine when the engine is off, it starts every time, no problems at all. when i start the engine, it sometimes would not start, the inverter would just click at me. After a bit of research i realised that its due to my battery being a crap. Well, after mayby 10 mins of the car being on, i can start the computer.

    Ive got a new batery now, so thats sorted. Anyway, a few days ago, i couldnt get the computer to turn on at all, even with the engine off. So, i checked it all out, and i found that i had a bad ground connection.

    I now have another issue, the inverter REFUSES point blank to fire up correctly when the engine is on no matter how long it has been running for, the green power light comes on, and you can hear the inverter trying to fire up, but it just doesnt seem able to tick over.

    If i turn the engine off, weeeeeeeee it starts and its happy! If i start the computer and then start the car, it is fine..

    has anybody come across this problem?

    I have to drive 500 miles this week, and i would love my computer to be working correctly


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    That sounds weird. For some reason your car is drawing more power started then when stop? Usually it's opposite. Perhaps youre running fine, but your inverter can't handle that many volts? Try hooking a voltmeter up to the battery and tell us the readings you get with the car off, and with it running.


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      hmm, i know my car is a power hungry beast, I will hook up the volt meter tomorrow and see what its up to.

      i have a new battery to fit as well, hopefully that will solve the problems


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        Maybe make a tank circuit with your extra battery, at least for your 500-mile drive...

        2005 Range Rover 4.4
        Any ideas for putting a PC in this? :)


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          i dont have the parts kicking around. DOH!

          Well, im making a backup plan, im hooking up my head unit to the amp as well, so if the new battery has a fit or whatever then i can at least have some tunes until i get it sorted out.

          New battery is a bit of a large beast though, so i dont expect to kill it. over 1000a cranking power, its MOD spec