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  • a serious solution

    hi guys,
    i have finally decided to build the car pc.

    i only have one problem: the budget

    with what i have, won't be able to buy much.
    So i have already erased lcd from my list.

    but the power supply, i cannot remove that.

    so i thought and i thought....
    to find a solution cheaper solution than opus,etc.....
    a solution that will work for me..
    or may be a diy solution....
    but i could not figure out...
    so i'll leave it up to you guys...
    can you help me out here..

    wait i have found another solution...
    i can connect an inverter to the battery and then a voltage regulator (since i already have one) to the inverter, which will then be connected to a ususal 240v ac power supply..
    but will it work..
    please help me out here...

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    Okay i'm new in here so don't blame me for anything.
    I was looking arround at this forum as i plan on building a carputer myself one i have a car. I want most of it to be DIY so i was also looking for a DIY PSU (DC-DC inverter). And after a lot off looking arround (not using the SEARCH button ofcourse ) I found this DIY power supply . Maybe that's the thing you were looking for.

    An 230Volt inverter and a normal PSU is not the most battery life friendly option to go as most "normal" PSU are not quite efficient. And then you have the energy losses in the power inverter.