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    i'd still haven't figured it out, the pwsupl. it getting unswitchted power all the time unaffected at the itps, and the itps is hooked up at the same unswitched cable as the pwrsupl. and itps has its own acc line both have the same gnd wire.
    the wiring is okay, and the mobo jumper from itps is ok and have tried to reverse the jumper, but still no power.... now my thought is, when i turn the key there is 12,5 v on acc line to itps, and when i start the car it goes somewere near 10 v on acc cable, then it raises to 14,5 volt.... can it be the voltagedrop in the startsession that causes the itps not to pw the mainboard?

    on the itps out +/- there is 12v even when my car isent started, an the jumper for the mainboard there is sign of life when i messure out with a ohm-meter..

    but the mobo still wont turn on, only if i shortcircuit the jp on the mobo, or type my poweron code on the kayboard... can this then be a setting in the bios that needs to be changed?
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    It sounds like your ITPS is okay. If I understood your message correctly, you can actually power your computer with the ITPS? It's just that it won't turn on, right?

    I think you're right about checking the BIOS. Look in the ACPI power settings.
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      nope im only using the itps as a startup controoler, my 250 w dc dc , are powered constant , so the itps should only send on/off signal... the only way i can power the pc is to shorten the mobo pins
      never drive faster than your angels can fly..