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12v DC to 5v DC @1.5 amp converter-Hardwire

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  • 12v DC to 5v DC @1.5 amp converter-Hardwire

    New member here...

    As the subject says, I'm looking for a 12v to 5v converter I can install in my truck, so I can charge my Creative MP3 player while on the road. I do NOT want another plug for the cig lighter (enough of those already), hence my desire to hardwire something in, under the dash, so I can pass a wire out to the player. Most of the 12v to 5v plug-in adaptors have the circuitry built into the plug None available from Creative. Needs 1.5 amps. Anybody have a link, or know of any off-the-shelf units available, or perhaps a link to a schematic?

    Thanks in advance


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    have you tryed the or

    theres dozens of question, and answers.

    a little hint, look at this
    look at thread #6 and use that schematic.!
    the hardwirering, well, you should find a solution
    Sorry for the english

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