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    I just knew this was going to happen. I finally get everything into the car, power it up, and Im surprised to find that I just installed an $800 squealing pig (i.e. the noise from my lilliput egg). I need to find a way around that damn egg and I can't use a PSU cuz Im using a laptop as my CarPC.

    I read about people using alternative 12V regulators but nobody mentioned if it fixed the problem or not. The one from Radio Shack looks awfully cheesy at only $1.59 and I recall someone saying that they are pretty much all the same anyways. If anyone has had success with a 12V regulator other that the egg could you please post a link to where I can buy one.
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    They are definitely not all the same, as THAT ONE SUCKS!!!
    Have you read this?
    If possible (its not for me cause i have a mac mini) you can run the monitor off of the carputers psu. Its regulated pretty well, and actually provides a little more power, so apparently the screen may be just a tad brighter that way.
    Other than that.... yeah, look for a quality egg.
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    Im thinking laptop...


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      Just get a decent 12V regualtor that can aoutput about 1.5A min (1A would do but best be safe to prevent it going sqeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaal too!)

      Easiest way is to look for a cheap lappy DC-DC that can go down to 12V. Overkill maybe, but you could always run another screen or something off it later.


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        I am running two lilliput's (one in the headrest) and therefore have two eggs (always liked two eggs in the morning) and now have no squeal. I used to have but then moved the eggs onto a different supply line.

        therefore my advice, try some different supply lines


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          Scouse: What about this here

          Input: 11-15V DC
          Output: 12V DC, up to 5A / 60W max
          Connector: Barrel, Center +

          And when I cut of the barrel plug, the wire connected to the center should be the positive right?
          Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy Benjamin Franklin