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    I just knew this was going to happen. I finally get everything into the car, power it up, and Iím surprised to find that I just installed an $800 squealing pig (i.e. the noise from my lilliput egg). I need to find a way around that damn egg and I can't use a PSU cuz Iím using a laptop as my CarPC.

    I read about people using alternative 12V regulators but nobody mentioned if it fixed the problem or not. The one from Radio Shack looks awfully cheesy at only $1.59 and I recall someone saying that they are pretty much all the same anyways. If anyone has had success with a 12V regulator other that the egg could you please post a link to where I can buy one.
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    They are definitely not all the same, as THAT ONE SUCKS!!!
    Have you read this?
    If possible (its not for me cause i have a mac mini) you can run the monitor off of the carputers psu. Its regulated pretty well, and actually provides a little more power, so apparently the screen may be just a tad brighter that way.
    Other than that.... yeah, look for a quality egg.
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    Im thinking laptop...


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      Just get a decent 12V regualtor that can aoutput about 1.5A min (1A would do but best be safe to prevent it going sqeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaal too!)

      Easiest way is to look for a cheap lappy DC-DC that can go down to 12V. Overkill maybe, but you could always run another screen or something off it later.


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        I am running two lilliput's (one in the headrest) and therefore have two eggs (always liked two eggs in the morning) and now have no squeal. I used to have but then moved the eggs onto a different supply line.

        therefore my advice, try some different supply lines


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          Scouse: What about this here

          Input: 11-15V DC
          Output: 12V DC, up to 5A / 60W max
          Connector: Barrel, Center +

          And when I cut of the barrel plug, the wire connected to the center should be the positive right?
          Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy ó Benjamin Franklin