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Power supply for the C134 case?

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  • Power supply for the C134 case?

    i know the m1-atx will work with it, and i'm pretty sure the 90w opus will fit in it as well, but i was wondering if the 150w opus would fit in it, or would i have to mount it outside the case. and how much power does a stock m10000 in the c134 case use. i want to guess 30ish watts, but i'm not really sure, i'm just worried that with several(around 5-8) external USB components, that 90w wouldn't be enough, but thats why i'm asking you experts.

    Thank you

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    As far as I know, nobody has made the Opus 150W fit. I've never seen the 90W Opus in there either -- and it's unlikely to be an easy fit regardless. The M1-ATX of course fits nicely. You can take a look at the power rating on the individual power rails to see if it suits your reqirements. Here's a hint though: from a 5V and 3.3V perspective, the M1-ATX can supply as much current as the Opus 150W (upto 10A each). Bus powered USB devices can draw at most 500mA. Unless you've got extremely power thirsty USB peripherals in mind, you won't be using anywhere near 10A on your 5V rail. The M10K draws the majority of it's power needs from the 3.3V rail.

    In choosing between the Opus150 and the M1-ATX, the 12V rail and physical size are the primary technical specifications to consider. If you plan to use several desktop peripherals with high 12V power needs, then the M1-ATX might not meet your needs.
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      I don't think you can fit an OPUS 150 in a C134 case.

      I've got an OPUS 150 in my C137 case and I had to remove the housing from the OPUS to make it fit.

      Here is a link to a thread showing the 150 in a C137 case....


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