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Computer Shuts Off UnExpectedly

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  • Computer Shuts Off UnExpectedly

    I've baught an epia via 800 c3 motherboard , i've added 3.5 hd 5400 rpm,
    one chip of 256 mb, added one small fan, i use a pw70A 12 dc-dc convertor,
    and an itps, when i try to use a the destinator and play music , my pc is shutting off, and sometimes even when i just use the destinator alone.

    what is the problem?

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    Are you:

    driving or parked
    engine running or not
    going over bumps or smooth road
    when this happens

    Bumps may indicate a loose wire
    engine running/off and driving/parked could be a voltage supply issue (low voltage drop out) Engine idle while stopped the alternator does less work due to lower RPMs

    Please provide this info and what car this is in.

    Searching would tell you all of this and more.
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      the car is a subaru justy 1000

      the car is in driving state, no bumps,
      it also happans in idle state,

      how can i measure my car battery or is it the alternator power and the
      power that my pc requires to check that my car power is sufficient?

      i have a multimeter if this helps.

      and i'm suspecting it is connected, to my car not producing enough power.

      currently i've disabled the onboard sound card, so i'm only using the destinator, and now my computer is a little bit more stable.
      but i want to hear some music too.


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        You definitely need more power from your PSU. Time to upgrade. List all your devices.


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          But i'm using 100W psu

          and my computer hardware is very minimal

          my CarPc :

          Epia 800 (c3 processor)
          1 Memory chip 133 sdram 256 MB
          1 3.5 HD 5400 rpm
          1 small fan ( i added)
          video + audio are onboard,
          USB devices : 1 holux gps reciever
          and the lilliput usb cable.

          PSU: PW-70A
          ITPS : (current limit - [email protected] input)
          (Max current(out) unregulated - 15 A)


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            i've seen several people run systems with much power usage then that with the same psu. Like I say to everyone who has these issues, try a different stick of ram. But also since you've got an EPIA, check the capacitors on the board and see if any of them look blown or are buldging on the top.
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