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MaxxSST 700-Watt Power Inverter

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  • MaxxSST 700-Watt Power Inverter

    I've been doing my research and even checking Fry's for inverters. They have a 400watt for $50, but then I saw one at Wal-Mart e-store, and was wondering everyones opinion. I only found one search on the mp3car forums for maxxSST

    So, 700watts too much? You can see what I'll be running from my sig, and I also plan on upgrading to 2 15" vga monitors in the trunk for car meets (playing NFSU2 etc etc)

    Input porfavor
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    700 watts isnt too much but you could probaly get away with a smaller one. The biggest reasons for not going with the absolute biggest inverter possible is fan noise and current draw. Im running a Sempron 2400+ / 512mem / and 40gb harddrive just fine off of my Coleman 400watt inverter without a problem.

    On the other hand I would stay far away from the MaxxST or anything that Vector makes in general. I cant speak towards the quality of their stuff because after 3 inverters of various watts I could never get them damn things to turn on the computer. Seemed like they were just to weak to kick it on. I got the Coleman from a guy selling his and it worked first time like a charm.

    Also I know it wasnt a power issue because I run a 4 gauge wire to my trunk which is split down into 8 gauge wires to the amps and inverter. Personally I just think that Vector sucks.
    Osiris Networx

    --Tuning is all about price vs performance. You've got to find your own medium.--


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      Harbor Freight has a 700 watt power inverter for $49.99, you should check it out. Any comments would be appriciated as this is what I am planning on purchasing for my system.


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        If you search some of my threads about inverters you will find out I had a hell of time getting to one that works. Pretty much what I gathered is that some work fine and some dont. I suggest that if you dont pick one that is proven on these forums then buy from a store that is leniant in their return policy.
        Osiris Networx

        --Tuning is all about price vs performance. You've got to find your own medium.--