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  • Confusion

    Hello to all
    This is my first entry in the chat,
    i was registred, searching,reading ,all about PSU, diode, regulated ecc...
    But I'm a little bit ( alot confused) about this.
    Let me explain:

    I have a TFT Monitor Xenarc 7'' in my Subaru with a Epia M1000 in a Morex case with the original PSU intern.
    All work good when the car is off, but when i start the engine, th PC wont' start.
    Searching in the forum i've found that can be a non regulated tension (more then 12.4 volt).
    Now searching for the forum i found some cirucuit with a secundary battery that can resolve my problem.
    But i don't understand it good.
    1---What kind of diode?model or power and tension?
    2---Need a resistor? what kind power and Ohm?
    3---Please need a drawing circuit to see how to connect them all

    I'm thinking about a sealed battery 12 v 3AH.

    I was thinking to use a voltage regulator like th L7812 but with more ampere....What Do You think about it?better or not then the Battery?

    Thank You all in advance for help.


    p.s sorry for my poor english, i'm Italian, but i live in Switzerland