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  • Something I've done, smells...

    So I just started my first Carputer installation in my Dodge 2004 Sprinter Cargo Van.

    I ran a 10AWG wire from the battery (where I put a 15A fuse) to the my mini-itx case with the built in Opus 90W. I ran a 10AWG wire from the Opus to the car chassis. And I spliced in a 16AWG wire with my ignition wire (did this at the ignition block) to the Opus for the IGN +12V control signal.

    Right now, I'm running my Xenrac 7" TSV off the cigarette lighter power. Voltage seems to be pretty constant.

    Here's the problem:

    I'm getting a non-specific burning smell. When I investigate, none of the wires seem hot (or even warm) to the touch. My Engine Control Unit light also seems to have made an apperance. When I unplug the CPU and monitor, the smell goes away. I haven't been able to try just one or the other yet.

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks! Everything I've applied to work on this project I got from you guys. Photos forthcoming once everything's actually mounted...


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    try and power the xenarc off the opus if you have enough power left to handle it. its generally a better idea to run the xenarc or lilliputs off of regulated voltage.
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      i cut the feed on my lilliputs car adapter, thinking i would splice 2 x 12 volt feeds, only i spliced it after the little regulator box, and thus made the box of tricks in line melt down

      that smelt bad