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M1-ATX, works, but doesn't

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  • M1-ATX, works, but doesn't

    So, I got a Epia M10000 system set up in a Morex case. I just recently installed the system to my car. The problem I'm having is quite weird. I use the M1's shutdown controller and windows is set to go to standby on powerbutton press. Well, when I turn the key off, it goes to standby and when I turn the key on, it starts from stand by.
    Nothing wrong here, but when I'm gone for more than hour - come back and turn the key on - it just starts up from beginning, it's no longer on standby. So M1 does a hardoff somewhere?

    The jumpers are set to softoff 5sec / hardoff never. I just bought a new battery, so I doubt the line drops below 11V when M1 cuts the power to prevent "deep discharge".

    Is this a issue with the firmware?
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    There are lots of possibilities -- most of which have been discussed in the forums. Your problem sounds like one of the familiar bugs of the earlier firmware versions.

    A link to the latest firmware (and source code) was posted recently. To update it, you'll need a PIC programmer which you can buy or make for $10-$20 or mini-box can do it for you.
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