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  • USB Laptop Startup

    Once my bezel comes in Im going to start my carputer install. In the mean time Im trying to figure out how Im going to startup my laptop. I found a type II Pcmcia card that has firewire & 2 USB 2.0 ports. The description says the USB ports support "system wake-up from S1-S4". Can I, and if possible how would I exploit this to turn on my computer when I start the car? What does the S1-S4 stand for?

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    stick your toung on the s1 cable and the s4 cable at once and eather u will go zap or the screen will turn on hahaha :-D no sorry i dontk now the answer but searching might help :-P


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      i think it might be to do with a waking up from a mouse click or hotkey on a USB keyboard (you set that in bios)


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        I just press the on button.

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          Well I found information on S1-S4 if any1 cares. Theres five states for a comp S0-S5, S0=ON S5=off. The levels S1-S4 are low energy power levels that decrease in power consumption. S1 cuts power to HD and monitor, S2 is sleep mode, S3 is power suspended only to RAM with only a trickle of power consumption, and S4 is a hibernation that writes files to ram and consumes no power. The S4 cant be awoken from a mouse click but when its powereed on the computer resumes with/o a reboot (sweet) due to files written to a hibernation file in the memory.


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            well yeah i knew S1-S4 are low power states.


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              Sweet can you send a link of the pcmcia card you bought and let me know how the turn feature goes I'm also trying to do the same thing thanks
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                Originally posted by flaVius
                Theres five states for a comp S0-S5, S0=ON S5=off.
                Wouldn't that be SIX states? LOL, just bustin' your balls. Thanks for the info!


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                  Yes six, if you know how to count. I found it on ebay the guy only ships to the UK, but if you do a search for the model on google you can find it within the US.

                  Model: Sabrent SBT-PCA4

                  Ebay Link