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Carnetix p1900 and Travla c138 120watt?

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  • Carnetix p1900 and Travla c138 120watt?

    Ok I have decided to make a couple of changes to my set up. Just to make this quick this what I wanted to do.

    I want to use the Travla c138 120watt case (linky along with the carnetix p1900. The specs of the system as follows.

    1. via m1000
    2. 512 pc2700
    3. audigy usb sound (to be bought)
    4. usb gps mouse
    5. usb netgear wifi antenna
    6. usb hub (external power)
    7. xenarc touch screen (usb)
    8. 3.5 desktop drive or 2.5 laptop drive

    My setup thoughts:

    1. Use 200gig desktop drive in case (I need the space) But this will eliminate
    my use of the pci slot. Not a big deal for now. Use the second power
    output on the carnetix as the 5v option to power my external sound card
    and hub. The screen will just power from the car 12v but this would be
    only temporary till the 5v optional add one becomes available for the
    p1900. Then the secondary power output would power the screen and
    add on 5v power adapter would then take over the duties of the sound
    card and hub.

    2. Use 60gig laptop drive in the case giving me my pci slot back plus lower
    power (but more on that in alittle). Then again I would do the same thing
    as stated above regarding the usb and screen power. But I would have to
    use a external hard drive which I have readily available. (lacie 80gig
    firewire drive...Dc power brick puts out 10w 2.0a on 5v rail and 26.4w
    2.2a on 12v.)


    1. I feel set up 1 described above should work fine, someone please correct
    me if I am wrong.

    2. set up 2 is where i really need advice.
    A. can I power the external hard drive off the case power supply
    molex connector (external hard drive specs above) along with
    1) 2.5 hard drive
    2) xenarc usb (touch only not 12v power)
    3) usb gps mouse
    4) usb audigy sound but 5v power coming from p1900 2nd
    output @5v
    5) usb hub powered from 2nd output also. Then hub will
    use its power for the wireless antenna

    NOTE: Once the optional 5v adapter is available I will use that to power
    audigy and hub. 2nd power output on p1900 will be +12v to
    power screen and externall hard drive but in retrospect i beileve
    that using the 2nd output as +12v jsut draws its power from the
    main 12v line. So wouldt it esentially be the same as using a molex
    connector off the case psu?
    Plzz correct me if I am wrong once again.

    I beilive both set ups should work but just wanted some opions.

    Johny rip them drawls.

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    Wow, you've done a lot of creative thinking!

    You are absolutely on the right track. Setup #1 looks OK to me. I assume you'd prefer setup #2 to free up the PCI slot. Your biggest issue is the +12V current requirement of you Lacie. And you are correct, the P1900 secondary output takes its power from the primary when the secondary is jumpered for +12V output. So in this case you would steal 2.2 amps from the primary to power you Lacie, leaving you with (6.3 - 2.2 =) 4.1 amps (or about 78 watts @ 19V) for the primary output. However, with your big HDD taken care of by the secondary, you'll probably be OK with 78 watts for the rest of the system since it's an M10000, laptop HDD, and a few misc USB devices (assume Audigy is run from P1900 3rd output). I have a similar M10000 system drawing about 40 watts.

    Looks like a good plan..


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      @ MikeH
      Thank you so much for your quick response. I was going to post it in the carnetix p1900 forum but I figured I would give here a shot first.

      Thanks for the "creative thinking" comment makes the research worth while.
      I, like any good little mp3 car member read the manual for the p1900 before making my post.

      Also just to give you alittle bit of good feeling also here are my reasons for choosing the carnetix.

      1. I currently own a opus 150w but I am not at all happy with the quality
      and limitations of it.(ex. peoples opus not starting cause it is touching
      the psu metal case, 5v stays on) completily unacceptable for $180.
      2. The opus has no real site with its own forum or spokesperson
      (mp3 car members being the spokespeople and tech support)
      3. Opus manual is not very helpful (not that hooking power to the opus
      and configuring the bois is rocket science, but still, explain something)
      4. there is as many "Opus problems" threads. (Kinda like the old days of
      the lilly problem threads).
      5. Cables on opus are cheap (not a good place to skimp, I mean those
      molex connectors are the life line of the whole system) plus it is almost

      Ok so with my opus rants out of the way lets get to the carnetix.

      1. cant relate build quality and cable quality as I have not yet purchesed
      one. (But I am right after this post)
      2. Carnetix has its own "real" site and support forum (although mp3 car
      really is ) plus it has a head spokesperson who prompt,
      curdious, helpful and above all knowledegable about his product.
      3. Carnetix manual is very thurough and explained every single question
      I had about the product.
      4. Not as many "Carnetix problems" threads. (I do relize that probably
      more people own the opus then carnetix, hence the opus threads
      appering more often)...But this also helps support my thought on
      having a real live helpful person who knows everything about his
      5. The options on the carnetix (especially the p1900 ) blow the opus
      150w out of the water. Seriously when it comes to options its not
      even a compition. (can you say remote computer turn on)

      Now ofcourse this all still untested for me at this point as I do not yet have one in my hands. (but I cant wait to give it a try). But after looking at the manual, reading posts, and the profesionalism of MikeH it was not a hard decision to ditch the IMHO over hyped "set and forget" opus. Plus you no longer have to ask " How do I power the computer in the house".

      So from my thoughts stated in this thread (note: I know of the other psu M1-ATX and such)

      1. opus 150w= $180

      2. Carnetix p1900 = $100
      case with built in dc dc psu around $70-$150
      (You kill three birds with one stone)
      1.comp case
      2. car dc dc power
      3. house ac dc brick (no ones want to install or configure there comp
      in the car on a 7in screen, talk about a neck cramp)

      So for about the same or alittle more (depending on case and dc dc psu used) you get everthing mentioned above. Again a no brainer.

      Like i said it still have not used the carnetix but after much debate I decided to give it a go. So I just hope the p1900 can live up to the hype I just gave it.

      I got faith in ya MikeH, dont do me wrong .

      Side note: MikeH if your interested check out my install in the Worklogs

      thanks agian.

      jumpin johny brunzel


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        If you have the space for it, a C137 case will allow you one PCI slot plus a 3.5" drive, or two PCI slots with a 2.5" drive.
        System status: in progress