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Relay with Diode useful for tank circuit?

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  • Relay with Diode useful for tank circuit?

    Hey all:

    Would this probably solve the tank circuit issue?

    I am considering one of these for a simple tank circuit setup for my car pc. I have already ordered a 10 amp hour SLA battery for the tank circuit.

    PC will be hooked up to a 400W Vector modified sine wave inverter (which I have been told will not survive crank) and the pc has a 240W PSU, but more realistically draws something like 140 watts.


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    I was going to just buy the CarPC store shutdown controller and his ready-made diode setup, except he has jacked up his prices on his products substantially in the past couple weeks. I went ahead and ordered the Carnextix as it is more than $30 cheaper and I skipped ordering the battery and tank circuit from CarPC due to expensive shipping and high profit margin.

    I want to do this cost effectively. I'm NOT spending $85 on a shutdown contoller or $30 on a diode.



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      The diode in that relay just means it won't feedback and blow whatever is driving it.