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M-ITX P4 3.06 Ghz and PSU troubles...

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  • M-ITX P4 3.06 Ghz and PSU troubles...

    I'v tried searching, but couldn't find an answer to this problem.

    Here's the setup we're using:
    Car = 2005 Mustang GT
    Minit-ITX P4 845GVD (link
    P4 3.06Ghz s478 cpu w/HT
    Low profile heatsink + fan (12v @ .15A)
    1Gb PC2700 DDR
    1 2.5" 60Gb hard drive

    PSU's used:
    PW200M (link
    PW200V (link
    120W PSU that came with this case.
    Desktop P4 400W ATX PSU.

    The problem we're having is that when powered by the 400w ATX PSU in the house, everything works fine. However, when we move the PC to the car and use the PW200V (the P200M died), the lights turn on, fans spin, but doesn't POST. No beep codes or anything. We've tried everything we can think of including using one PSU to power the Motherboard and one to power the CPU (for a combined total of 320W)...but that didn't work either.

    Anyone have any insight on this? The power is run straight from the battery from a 8gauge wire which feeds a 4-channel 60w amp and the PC. Would running an entirely seperate 8 (or larger for that matter) gauge wire solve anything?

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    not enough power captian...

    Get a decent powersupply man.

    You can do a few things here, underclock the CPU as low as it can go to see if it is a lack of power situation (it is)

    Measure the exact loads on each rail 12 and 5 and 3 to see what amperage requirments you have and then get a powersupply that will accomidate that
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      btw expect to pay around 200 bucks for anything that will come close to working.

      This is why we get on you newbies a searching first. If you would have searched the forums for what other people with p4 boards are using you wouldn't have wasted your money on those peices of crap power supplies
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        Agreed with Antimatter, change your PSU, or.... Erf, you do REALLY need a 3.06 gHz P4 for a car pc ? Isn't such a CPU a little bit overkill, when everything you can ask to a carpc could be easily done by a 1.13 Ghz Intel P-III ?

        (Via CPUs are, well, ahemm, underpowered, clock for clock speaking)

        I'd say sell your board and cpu and get a minitix centrino mobo and a 1.6 pentium M. (500$ )
        Now Galileo is real. Muhahahahaha :p


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          I hade the same problem I hade it working a few minutes with a PW200M, then that PSU just died. Tried the M1-ATX, just spinning the drives and fans.

          Now I use "OPUS 150 watt DC-DC Power Supply for Shuttle" and it works just great.

          I have a Shuttle-X 51, with 2.8 AMD, dual VGA onboard and one USB2 to VGA adapter (yes running 3 screens) one 3.5" 120Gb harddrive, DVD-R and a TV card.

          I still run it at the office, but I'm powering the OPUS with a car battery, so it will work in the car.


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            Originally posted by antimatter
            This is why we get on you newbies a searching first. If you would have searched the forums for what other people with p4 boards are using you wouldn't have wasted your money on those peices of crap power supplies

            wow, in case you missed it in my first post, I did search. Maybe I didn't search for hours on end like you would have, but I did a few quick searches. Including on google.

            :EDIT: blah blah blah, I had a response here, but decided it better left out since I didn't get much sleep. anyway...I still don't find a need to be "newb" bashing.

            And 320w not being enough power??? I find that very hard to believe since I was running the whole setup from a 150w HP power supply to install everything.

            What's the difference between the Opus 150w and the PW200-V??? other than one is 150w and the other is 200w? Does the Opus have higher AMP ratings on the rails?
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              i dont see whats wrong with his replys he told you exactly (well most likely) what is wrong. the pw200 is a piece of ****, most of its power (i'm guessing something like 80 or 90%) is just 12v passed through, it dosent go through any regulators or anything its just straight what came in goes straight out again. What you need to be concerned about is how much power you need on the different rails obviously you are going to have a decent amount on the 12v rail but my guess is you are way underpowered on the 3.3 and 5v rails.

              the differance between the opus 150 and the pw200 is that the opus is regulated, it is designed for in car use where the voltage could be between 9v and 14v, the pw200 is not it needs a 12v input, the opus also dosent make up how much power it gives out like other power supplies and additionally it contains startup/shutdown circuitry.

              If all of that dosent solve your problem then there is always the chance that the opus isnt compatiable with your motherboard however this is probably unlikely

              if you had used the function i'm sure you would know all this
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                Unfortunately you have fallen prey to "specsmanship" which runs rampant in the Power Supply market. The PW00 is a 60 watt power supply no matter what its manufacturer tries to imply. Take a look at THIS article I wrote. The PW200 is "vendor B". You simply do not have enough power for your motherboard, AND the PW200 allows the car's unregulated +12V to enter your motherboard, which will eventually damage it.

                If you indeed have the Casetronics C158 case and it came with a 120watt DC-DC power supply built in, simply buy the CarNetix CNX-P1900 from the MP3Car store for $99 and connect it to your case. You'll be off and running with your P4 system, not to mention startup/shutdown control, anti-thump for your speakers, and remoet start capability. If you have any questions about this, just drop me an email.

                Hope this brightens you day...!


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                  That's a very helpful reply such as I was looking for from these forums. Not just a simple "you bought the wrong thing", "Wasted your money", various "newb" comments, etc. Thank you very much.

                  To the other posters, like I had already said, and can still be seen in the first post, I have already searched. However, I don't have my entire life to waste away searching these forums for an answer when I have other matters to attend to. If you cannot offer anything but newb comments and misc jargon (unlike MikeH who has given some useful specific information + link), then please, by all means...don't waste your time posting.
                  I don't care how I get there as long as it's fast....


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                    ill be running a p4 microatx system off an opus 150.... you should have checked how many watts the cpu was.... my p4 1.8ghz mobile is only 30 watts......