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inverter probelms

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  • inverter probelms

    I have an inverter hooked up to the battery and a relay, and the relay is switched by the acc line.

    Everything turns on, computer boots up, screen comes on music plays all good.
    If i switch it off then back on the inverter just puts out a high pitch noise (its warning signal) which it makes when its over loading.

    If i leave the whole lot for a bit and come back later it turns on, but then when i turn it off again it wont turn back on for a while.

    I have tried everything to do with grounds, even pulling apart the comps power supply.

    Can anyone please help me? thanks.

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    I don't know the answer, but it would help if you posted what inverter and shut down controller your were using.
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      its a jaycar 300W inverter, im not using any shutdown controller.

      The inverter works if i plug something else into it, like a phone charger or anything else i can find it works.

      Its only a PII with 1 HD and 196 mb ram, it shouldnt be pulling over 100 watts of power so i know the inverter can handle it.

      I just took it for a drive, just before i got to the shops i turned it on and it worked, i turned it off and went into the shop, when i came back i couldnt get it to work and the inverter just keept putting out its warning signal.

      When the inverter is putting out its warning signal, the fan on the comps power supply will start to spin then stop, and just keep going in this cycle.