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power 2 LCD's from power supply

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  • power 2 LCD's from power supply

    so i searched around on the forums, and i'm a bit confused; hoping someone can help.

    my situation: i'd like to power two lilliput lcd's from the power supply, as well as an epia m1000, 2.5-inch hard drive, and slim DVD. i was thinking of using a m1-atx (since that all should draw less than 90 watts, if i'm counting right), but i got concerned that i wouldn't have enough oopmh on the 12v line.

    will the m1-atx do it for me? if not, what product from mp3car should i be using? i'd prefer not to have to solder extra things on, and i'm concerned about the opus (my understanding is that it doesn't completely turn off the draw on the battery as well as the m1-atx, which will be important for this project since i sometimes leave the car for weeks at a time). and of course, like everyone, i'd like to keep my costs down.

    sorry if this has been covered somewhere; i've tried to do my homework.