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  • Secondary Battery Life

    This Thread is for me to get an approximation on what kind of battery life your Car PC gets off of your Car's battery.

    Now i fully understand the re-charging process of the battery via the alternator. That out of the way, this is so i can have some frame of reference for a "Always on" PC connected to an auxiliary battery in the trunk.

    Please list your System's info (P4s draw alot more than Pentium Ms), Cold Cranking Amps, and how long before it shuts down. well i'm wondering if anyone's has actually come to that.

    Anyone that wants to help out by voluentarily leaving their CarPC on till it dies would be appreciated (jk)
    I'mmmmmm a n00b.... feel free to make fun

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    no one cares?
    I'mmmmmm a n00b.... feel free to make fun


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      im also interested in that. or a second batt that can be recharged somehow?
      my wish list:


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        well yeah, you'd put a battery isolator on it so the alternator will recharge them both, i just wanna know if it'll keep it on over night, or while i'm at school, etc. (run time)
        I'mmmmmm a n00b.... feel free to make fun


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          i got an 300watts psu p4 1.4Ghz 80gbhd dvd , 400watt power-inv batt-iso diode based 100amp alt 140RC marine deep cycle exide bat. Also 2 500 watts amps(100 RMS) each hooked up to it.6 hours with sound, about 10 without.
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